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Sunday, September 21, 2003

My predictions

Recently I have learned a bit of Indian astrology with the help of my friend Balaji and some books. I have learned how to draw and interpret a chart (both north Indian and south Indian styles), how to use ephemeris and so on. So far mathematical astrology is covered by me, predictive astrology is the next logical step.

Just as above I would like to have an astrology for technology prediction. I always fond of predicting the success of technologies as and when I first hear them. I am no technology astrologer. I love analyzing the technologies in my own way. But when coming to success rate of my predictions, it is almost nil. A killer technology often failed badly, and what I thought was crappy idea has became very popular and successful.

Blogging is one such technology which I thought has no use. I always that it is temporary phenomenon. But now as I use it more, I understand the fun in blogging, though I don't care whether somebody read my blog or not. Here is small list of some of the technologies which I thought were great but were never really successful.

WAP and WML, Tablet PC, PDA,JXTA (Java P2P),JINI

Following are some of the technologies when I first heard them, I thought has no use to me but became real popular and now I am not able imagine the world without these.

Cellphoens, Java, Blogging,Linux

Anyway, I enjoy predicting about the success of technologies all the time that what I am being paid to (I am a technology architect) . That's a geeks passion.. I keep you updated if my new predictions will make it to the future. :-)

Please don't pass on this link to my boss.

I wish somebody comes up with an astrological model for technology prediction. ( Why don't I comeup with such a model?:-) )