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Monday, October 11, 2004

Gmail Invites

Gmail - the email service offered by Google is being said as the most happening thing in the consumer internet after IMs. I mostly agree with this. Revolutionary 1gig free space, I would say is the key behind Gmail's popularity. Added to this invite only sign-up is another fator that has spiced up the Gmail. I think because of these two factors, people are real crazy about having gmail accounts. Surprising is that gmail invites are being sold in eBay. More suprising is that PCQuest (India's top IT magazine) is offering them as prizes to many of their contests. To understand little more about the kind of attention gmail is getting, just look at some of the interesting plug-ins available for gmail.

  • GmailGoesThePop - Pop3 proxy interface to Gmail
  • GmailNotifier - Gmail Email notifier plug-in for firefox
  • GMailDrive - Creates Virtual drive mapping to your gmail account over interent. You can drag and drop files onto your gmail accounts
After all these years of existence I would say Hotmail and Yahoo Mail hasn't got so much attention. Here are few things I liked about Gmail excluding the points mentioned above:
  • Import of Contacts from outlook
  • AutoCompletion of contacts
  • Filters
  • Email forwarding
  • Email search
Few things I didn't like in Gmail are
  • Lack of folders ( I know one can use labels, but they are not same as folders)
  • No delete button
Finally before concluding I would like to give away, about 10 Gmail invites (BTW, I have mutltiple gmail accounts). If you are interested let me know by posting a comment with your email id. (Don't worry! I'll not use your email id for any other purpose).


  • I want an invite send me one to askray (at)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:11 pm  

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